Monday, September 22, 2008

New England in the Fall

Hello everyone and happy first day of Fall! My name is Tina and I've been blogging for a while over at; it started as a regular "these are the funny stories of my life" blog, and then, rather rapidly, morphed into an almost exclusively environmental blog. This change mirrors the change in my life. I'd always been somewhat conscious of my impact, turning off lights and being bewildered by the popularity of bottled water, but there is only so much a girl can be aware of when she lives at home (in CT) or in a college dorm (in Western MA). A little over a year ago I finally headed out into the "real world" (north of Boston in Methuen, MA) and was able to make conscious decisions about more than just how long I let the water run while brushing my teeth, but big things like how my electricity is produced and what kind of food fills my kitchen. As with everyone, I'm constantly learning and searching for new ideas. That's where this group comes in, I'm hoping that we can join together and learn from each other.

One way we could start learning together is by attending events like this one. It's an event in Boston this coming weekend, and there are supposed to be ones like it all over the nation Saturday Sept. 27 (that means all you non-New Englanders as well!) The organization is hoping to bring awareness of the need for green jobs to the candidates, and in the process, to the rest of the world. To find out if there's an event near you, check here. For anyone interested in attending the event in Boston (or anywhere else in New England) email me (gmail: tina.cardone1) or comment here to let me know. Hopefully we can arrange some car pooling (I'll be driving to the T from Methuen, MA) and start meeting each other. Since this is superbly late notice, I'll be excited if anyone makes it. In the future, we can plan things further in advance. If anyone has ideas of what you'd like to do, please, please let me know. If you have lots of ideas I might even bestow you with the title of co-coordinator. In the meantime, I'm hoping we can start a conversation through blogs and an email list and let the momentum carry us. Please comment or email me you information so we can keep in touch. I can't wait to meet you all and I'm humbled to be the regional coordinator for what I'm sure will become an inspiring group of people!

p.s. Feel free to grab the button at the top of the post for your blog and thanks to Michelle for making it!