Thursday, August 28, 2008

Join the Colorado Bushel Basket!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Melissa! Kellie & I are so excited to be a part of APLS! Kellie lives in Evergreen, Colorado, and I'm about an hour north of there in the small town of Lyons. We are looking forward to meeting more Colorado APLS and really want to let you guys help us determine the course of our group!

So join our Facebook page and leave a comment below letting us know where in Colorado you are, what your interests are, and what you'd like to see us do as a group. Do you just want to share green living resources and events? Do you want to have a quarterly field trip? A canning party? A cocktail party (featuring local wine and beer of course)?

I love how each person I've encountered in APLS has a different passion and a different area of expertise and hope that APLS Colorado will enjoy that same diversity. Looking forward to meeting you...