Monday, August 18, 2008

APLS Carnival Topic for September

Hey all you party goers, have you recovered from the inaugural APLS carnival over at Better Living? (If you haven't made it over there yet, drop in.) Still reveling in the aftermath? Too hung over to think? Well, the party continues.

For the month of September, the topic is . . .

Affluence. What do you think of the term? Does it apply to you? Do you dislike the word? Feel uncomfortable with it? Are there certain responsibilities that come with accepting that term? Like last month's topic, this is a broad topic. Have at it. I can't wait to read what you all come up with.

Last month's carnival was amazing. Let's do it again.

Please submit your posts to aplscarnival (at) gmail (dot) com by September 10. All submissions will be compiled at posted at Green Bean Dreams on September 15.