Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The March APLS post is hosted by wilkeorama...

It's a big green world out there and despite wanting to do it all, there are limits to our abilities. (Even Superheroes from the Green Phone Booth are talking about their shortcomings!)

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can let one thing go because we are going above and beyond in another area. For example, one might go all out and grow a great garden but not compost.

Other times we struggle to do a number of things, but don't seem to be able to divide our attention and energy successfully.

This month's topic is about the decisions we make, big or small, that affect our actions as self-proclaimed APLS. How do you decide what gets to be top priority in your green life? What types of activities are a MUST for you, and what gets left on the chopping block? Please email your submissions to wilkeorama at gmail by March 15.

I look forward to reading about everyone's priorities! Thank you!