Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February Carnival topic: Winter motivation

They say the darkest hour is just before dawn. And I'm beginning to figure it's the same with greener and more sustainable living.

It's easy being green in the spring and summer. Look around you: The opportunities about to live lighter: Gardening, farmers marketing, even simple things like friendlier weather for opening the windows and cycling and walking instead of driving.

And in the late fall/early winter, the focus turns towards making a lighter footprint without lightening the joy of the holiday season.

And perhaps January is about your resolutions for the coming year.

But what happens as winter goes on? Cold days and fewer opportunities may mean some people lose their motivation. Or maybe it's simply a time for you to regroup and plan for the coming seasons.

So this month, I'll ask you: How do you stay focused on greener and more sustainable living in the dead of winter?

E-mail your posts by Feb. 15 to goinggreenmama at gmail, and we'll include them in our carnival posting by Feb. 18. If you're thinking spring, we're also looking for hosts for the spring months, so indicate that as well.

Have a wonderful month!
Robbie @ Going Green Mama