Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From August into September

First, make sure that you checked out everyone's contributions to the August Carnival. Robbie of Going Green Mama did a great job of rounding everyone up to renew APLS and there's an excellent post summarizing everyone submissions here.

Amazingly, next week it will be September! That means back to school for a lot of us (personally I'll be going back as both a teacher and a student, double the fun) and also means its time to think about the next discussion topic and I'm hosting this month. It would have been very appropriate to discuss sustainability at school, but I didn't have that much foresight so maybe someone can take that on in October.

September's carnival topic is "When does size matter?". I read a lot of blogs about families and I occasionally find myself thinking "Sure, that's easy to do if there are 4 of you". For example, I can't maintain a worm bin since I just don't have enough food waste for them to live off of. Other times I will tell someone about a green change I made and they think (or even say!) "Sure, that's easy to do if there's only one of you". Such as when I describe line drying laundry in my laundry room. So, what efforts that you make are easier to do because of your household size? Which are harder and make you wish there were a better way?

I look forward to hearing answers from the perspectives of people in all different size households. Please email submissions to tina.cardone1@gmail.com by September 15.

Tina at crstn85

p.s. Enjoy the start of apple season APLS!